A Scottish Enterprise initiative delivered by Workplace Innovation Limited

The Workplace Innovation Diagnostic®

The programme commenced with each of the 10 participating businesses using the on-line Workplace Innovation Diagnostic® to assess a broad spectrum of workplace practices against evidence-based criteria. The Essential Fifth Element, a concept developed by Workplace Innovation Limited for the European Commission, explains the benefits of workplace innovation to companies and provides practical guidance on making change happen.

Action Plans

Each participating business then received a detailed feedback report, and each was supported to develop an Action Plan based on the Diagnostic survey findings. Typical Plans included:

  • flattening the existing hierarchy and pushing decision making to the lowest appropriate level
  • defining and living organisational values and behaviours
  • implementing self-directed team working
  • creating empowered, cross-functional teams based on workflow rather than silos
  • establishing innovation forums and continuous improvement groups
  • rethinking traditional leadership and management roles, responsibilities and accountabilities
  • enhancing skills development and utilisation, training and coaching plans.


Throughout the programme, participants received continuous support from the Workplace Innovation team and Scottish Enterprise Specialists. Interactive workshops, facilitation, coaching and site visits helped with problem-solving and turning new ideas into practical action.

The development and implementation of practical Action Plans was also facilitated through regular peer review by ‘critical friends’ in Action Learning Sets, enabling participants to discuss their organisation’s challenges and how they were planning to meet them.

Participating companies also gained automatic membership of Fresh Thinking Labs, the international platform for knowledge-sharing between companies, offering an abundance of online resources and opportunities for in person contact with good practice companies across the UK and beyond.

It was clear that everyone benefited from learning about others’ ideas and experiences, from sharing the business benefits of good workplace practices and hearing about ‘what works and what doesn’t’.

WIEP participants can also opt to gain a recognised qualification, accredited by the ILM, based on their action plans.


Further information

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