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Fresh Thinking Labs is an amazing community committed to sharing ideas, experiences and practical approaches to building high performing, innovative and healthy workplaces. It brings people together from diverse enterprises in several countries, as well as some of Europe’s leading experts in workplace innovation.

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“Fresh Thinking Labs is about interaction and the whole concept of bringing businesses together to share their experiences in this way is ground-breaking and invaluable.”
Herman Kok, Finance Director, Lindum Group
“It’s good to see that other businesses have exactly the same challenges and to be able to collectively solve the problems that we’re facing. There’s a wealth of knowledge around that we can access and help each other out.”
Tom Francis, Business Manager, Saint-Gobain
“The power of events of this nature is that you are exposed to things you wouldn’t normally be exposed to. It reminds you that if you only act on what you already know, you’ll never change. The concept of Fresh Thinking Labs exposes you to new ways of applying different thinking to the organisation and that’s the real power of it.”
Jeremy Ling, Chief Executive Officer, Bristan Group
“Fresh Thinking Labs provides an amazing opportunity for individuals to get together, share what they’re doing and have the chance to think outside of work. Taking that step back, reflecting and being able to bounce ideas off others is invaluable.  There’s lots of things I’ve already taken away after just one session. It’s easy to think that you’re the only one going through these challenges when actually a lot of us have similar things going on, similar ideas and we all want to progress.  The opportunity to compare different perspectives and bounce ideas around is invaluable.”
Mary Lester, Service Improvement Manager, Nottingham City Council

“I think the Fresh Thinking Labs concept is incredibly important because if you only rely on your own company and the people in your own organisation, then you’re very limited as to how you are going to develop innovation and engagement. Coming together with other companies helps you recognise that we have similar problems and challenges. In some case other companies have actually tackled a problem you’ve got, and come up with a solution that may have taken you months or even years to resolve. Getting together and sharing ideas has real value, real benefits.”

Malcolm Bond, Learning and Development Manager, Rittal CSM
“The Fresh Thinking Labs platform is brilliant.“
Colin Maxwell, Manager, Premier Hytemp
“Fresh Thinking Labs means being able to learn from others, we have been to Argenta, MDBA, D S Smith and we are hosting an In-company event, so that collaborative networking and the idea sharing has been absolutely fantastic for us”
Aimee Doole Marketing, Communications & Engagement Manager, Booth Welsh
“It’s gold dust, it doesn’t matter what size, public or private sector, what industry you are in, you always take something away. The networking we do with these FTL Events I think has been really good for the business, and anyone that hasn’t been on one I would encourage them to take the time.”
Gordon Semple, Innovation Business Leader, Booth Welsh
“The resources on the platform are really useful. I hooked up with the steel guy he’s a sort of an inspiration because we could see bits of us in them, old school hierarchy that these guys don’t get to see, and that was great.”
Iain Heddle Contracts Manager, LTM

There are plenty of other networking platforms, but Fresh Thinking Labs provides a targeted focus for people involved in organisational change and leadership. You benefit from carefully curated content, events led by leading experts and practitioners, moderated discussion forums, bespoke introductions to others with shared interests, plus the opportunity to join (virtual and in-person) international learning journeys.

We know from years of experience that peer-to-peer exchanges of knowledge, experience and ideas are one of the most powerful forces for stimulating, resourcing and sustaining workplace innovation and successful change leadership. And we have many years’ experience of bringing people together to learn and share – and have fun – with each other.

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