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Be an Effective Leader

You are a senior team member, manager or emerging leader wanting to develop your leadership skills and drive change forward. Our Workplace Innovation Leadership Programmes and Short Courses provide you with the knowledge and skills to lead and transform your team, department or organisation, inspiring and empowering your people.

We’re also strong believers in the need to translate learning into action, and you will also find the practical support and mentoring to deliver real change in your organisation.

And you become part of a community of leaders from other companies and public sector organisations, sharing and learning together.

Choose your route

  • OPTION 1
    The Leadership for Workplace Innovation Programmes lead directly to an ILM Level 5 Award, Certificate or Diploma in Leadership & Management. Learn how effective change leaders build high performing organisations, create innovation cultures and fully engage their workforces – and put your knowledge into practice.

  • OPTION 2
    Our short courses allow you to select from a menu of topics related to leadership and organisational change. Successful completion of each course is based on a 2-hour induction webinar complemented by e-learning and online tutoring.
Aimee Doole achieved her ILM Leadership qualification


Working flexibly and at your own pace, you can gain an internationally-recognised ILM qualification at Level 3 or Level 5. You can also gain accreditation as a Workplace Innovation Practitioner, signifying your competence in securing effective and sustainable workplace change.

Our state of the art e-learning platform includes clear descriptions, stories, short films and practical exercises. It’s stimulating, fun and practically focused – and we support you with feedback and mentoring at every step.

And you can avoid lengthy assignments! Our online Learning Log asks you for brief reflections on each of the core themes, and how you might apply them in practice. This forms the basis for the ILM assessment.

Aimee Doole achieved her ILM Leadership qualification by driving key change initiatives at Booth Welsh.


We recognise that everyone looks for different things when they sign up for a leadership development programme. That’s why our Workplace Innovation Leadership Programmes offer a flexible combination of e-learning, online and in-person tuition, all delivered at your own pace.

And while the core knowledge and leadership skills delivered by the programme remain constant, our experienced tutors help you navigate through our rich learning resources to help you find the insights and tools most relevant to you and your organisation.

Even the assessment can be customised to your own needs and preferences. As well as completing the Learning Log previous participants have submitted films, action plans and interview transcripts as evidence of their personal achievement.

Workplace Innovation Leadership Programmes - Study in your own way
Workplace Innovation Leadership Programmes - Learning Platform

What will you learn?

Our tried and tested Workplace Innovation Leadership Programmes enable you to take advantage of our extensive international knowledge and experience.

On completion of the Programmes, you will:

Be able to lead and develop your own team, department or organisation in ways that fully engage and empower people at every level.

Have gained the knowledge, skills and practical resources required to secure performance improvements through effective and sustainable organisational change.

Understand and apply the skills and practices associated with emotional intelligence and coaching behaviours.

Your learning journey will include:

  • The roles and behaviours of effective leaders

  • Emotional intelligence and leadership
  • Aligning the whole organisation around shared vision and strategy
  • Making the business case for change
  • People-centred change
  • Enabling highly effective jobs and teams.
  • Understanding organisational structures, management and procedures.
  • Engaging employees at every level in improvement and innovation.
  • Listening to employees.
  • Developing co-created leadership.


I highly recommend the Programme and suggest that everyone should go on it. It works for every size of business.

Chris Owens, IOM

The Programme exceeded all expectations and was enjoyable and rewarding. Invaluable facilitation of cultural change.

David MacPherson, Charles River

Our Programmes

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