An Introduction to
Emotional Intelligence at Work

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How to engage others and make a real difference using Emotional Intelligence.

CPD Accredited Course

Who is the Emotional Intelligence Course for?

This Short Course is for everyone who wants to work more effectively with their colleagues. It will help strengthen personal competencies including listening and communication, understanding and engaging with differing perspectives, and working together to create a positive culture in the office or on the shopfloor.

Natalie Wilkie, Emotional Intelligence specialist

Emotional Intelligence is about building self-awareness, fostering the ability to see the world from others’ perspectives, and creating a climate of trust. The course offers compelling evidence that leaders and team members with high levels of emotional intelligence build more effective relationships with colleagues and employees, are better at stimulating creativity and innovation, and inspire others to realise their full potential.

EI is not fixed but can be developed by anyone with practice using the techniques offered by this Short Course. You will also gain practical insights and tools that you can bring back to the workplace and make a real difference.

What is included?

A 90-minute live Webinar – “Introduction to Emotional Intelligence”.

A 60-minute one-to-one coaching session to discuss your Profile results.

A personal PSI EI Snapshot Profile, helping you to assess your strengths and priorities for improvement.

An interactive e-learning course supported by online tutoring.

Your Course Leader – Natalie Wilkie

Natalie Wilkie, Emotional Intelligence specialist

Natalie is our Emotional Intelligence specialist, and also brings particular experience in transformation, change, organisational cultures and innovation. She focuses on building the emotional intelligence of leaders and teams in ways that make an impact on the performance and engagement of people throughout the business. She is a qualified, accredited psychotherapist and co-author of Workplace Innovation, Co-Created Leadership and Emotional Intelligence in Dworschak, B., Senderek, R., Kopp, R. (Eds), “Workplace Innovation” (2021).


In summary . . .

A CPD accredited online programme that introduces emotional intelligence as a concept and provides a development plan for your personal EI.

This Emotional Intelligence Short Course provides a solid foundation on which to increase your understanding of EI and its importance in the workplace, build self-awareness and provide you with the tools to work more effectively with colleagues.

What you’ll experience:

  • you’ll develop an understanding of the basics of EI and its application in the workplace;

  • you’ll explore your top 3 EI strengths and 3 areas for personal development;

  • you’ll create a plan for how you’ll improve your EI.

Who is it for?

Individuals working at all levels of their organisation.


One month on average, but the pace is driven by you.

We estimate the total time commitment at 13 hours including the webinar, EI Profile, one-to-one coaching, e-learning and assessment.

Where: Online.

Cost: £490 per person.


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£490 + VAT

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