The Workplace Innovation Diagnostic®

Enhance engagement and performance throughout your workforce with our unique Employee Survey. Improve your organisation’s productivity and capacity for innovation. Bring your people with you on your journey of discovery.

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We are proud that the Workplace Innovation Diagnostic® is registered with the European Union Trademark No. 017949433

Do you want to enhance engagement and performance throughout your workforce?

Are you looking for a way to improve your organisation’s productivity or capacity for innovation?

And to bring your people with you in facing the challenges and opportunities of an unpredictable future?

What is the Workplace Innovation Diagnostic® Employee Survey?

The Workplace Innovation Diagnostic® is a unique on-line employee survey that’s designed to give you an in-depth understanding of where change is needed in your organisation – and how to deliver it.

Unlike traditional engagement surveys, the Diagnostic focuses on evidence-based workplace practices associated with high performance, engagement and workforce health, and its results indicate specific actions at team, department, site and organisational levels.

It’s your route to employee engagement, culture change and improved business performance.

  • Evidence-based
  • Actionable takeaways

  • Scaled packages
  • Customisable experience
  • Online planning tools
  • Clearly visualised results
  • Expert support at every step
  • Easy to share with your team
  • Follow-up support


Who is this for?

For organisations employing 25+ people. CEOs, Directors, HR Managers, Change Leaders, Employee Engagement Managers, People Managers.

It can be used across the whole company, at team, department or division level, with groups of 10 or more people.

How can it help me?

The Diagnostic will help you:

  • Gain insights to evidence-based workplace practices.

  • Improve workplace productivity, performance and wellbeing.

  • Increase employee empowerment and engagement, develop change leaders.

  • Allocate specific actions at team, department, site and organisational levels.

  • Enable people at every level to use and develop their full range of skills, knowledge, experience and creativity.
  • Align individual jobs, teams, line management, organisational structures, procedures, learning, innovation processes and leadership around common principles and values.

  • Address mental-well-being at work issues.

  • Listen to your people through bespoke questions and open comments.

It’s much more than a snapshot of what your employees are currently thinking. Our diagnostic tool is a dynamic and participative process that not only reveals what’s working in your business and what’s not, its action focussed results provide you with a plan for future change and improvement


We’ve designed a handy guide to demonstrate how the Workplace Innovation Diagnostic® can help you and your organisation.


How does it work?

The transformation starts with an induction workshop (on site or via video conference) for senior team members and change leaders.

Easy access on any device, 15 minutes to complete, get answers from your employees and their ideas, suggestions, comments, and feedback.

Results are broken down by team, department, professional group, or any other criteria specified by you.

Based on your Diagnostic results, plan where to start and what actions you need to take.

Analyse responses, identify opportunities for change and assign priorities for action, at every level of your organisation.

Visit your personal dashboard to view, create, customise and share reports, plans and guides.


Taster survey

Try our free Taster survey addressing 12 of the workplace practices associated with high performance and employee engagement. On completion you will receive a short report and recommendations, and you can contact us to explore your results in more detail.


What’s included

  • Pre-Diagnostic workshop for senior / change team members
  • 8 hours in-person / online guidance to help you get the best out of your results
  • Online support to help you plan your next steps
  • Access to our online action planning tool
  • Full technical support
  • Detailed graphic and written reports accessed on your personal dashboard


25 to 40 people

£4,000 + VAT

41 to 100 people

£5,000 + VAT

101 to 250 people

£6,000 + VAT

251 to 2000 people

£7,500 + VAT

Over 2000 people

Please enquire

Follow-up support:

  • Unique accredited programmes that will help you develop effective leaders to drive future change.
  • In person and online themed workshops, addressing your Workplace Innovation Diagnostic® results.
  • Programmes to help you create emotionally intelligent management behaviours to support your people engaged in change, improvement and innovation.
  • Strategy and values workshops, engagement events, innovation spaces, FabLabs, action learning sets, continuous improvement groups, and other interactive content.
  • Forums to create new, open dialogue across all levels of your organisation, from the Board to the frontline.


All of a sudden there was a method of measuring the issues we could see in the company. Once you can measure it, you can actually analyse it and do something about it.

Martin Welsh, MD, Booth Welsh

I can understand from the Diagnostic what the genuine pulse of the business is and how it feels. Previously, I would have just kept on blindly continuing thinking everything’s good.

Rob Cowman, Engineering Director, East Coast Oil & Gas
The Workplace Innovation Diagnostic is a particularly valuable tool which really transformed our business and provided insights and engagement with our staff that we would never have found otherwise.
Chris Cox, Senior manager, Cenex
sue evans

“I’ve spent too many hours in my career struggling with engagement surveys. We should stop pretending that they deliver any change, let alone sustainable transformation. They really are dead on their feet.

This is the most focused Diagnostic I’ve seen. It identifies where workplace practices can be improved, and drives an action plan that is going to deliver lasting change.”  

Sue Evans, Former HR Director, Warwickshire County Council

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Taster survey

Try our free Taster survey addressing 12 of the workplace practices associated with high performance and employee engagement. On completion you will receive a short report and recommendations, and you can contact us to explore your results in more detail.


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