Supporting Your Journey

We are there every step of the way, helping you to achieve meaningful, lasting improvements across your whole business. We’ll help you to diagnose the challenges and guide you to make real and sustainable gains.

Here’s how we can help you:


We have extensive experience of helping organisations like yours assess their working practices and culture, identifying the right targets for improvement and change, and using robust methods applied with sensitivity and understanding.

Above all, we love sharing the fun and excitement when everyone is involved in making real change happen.

Our team helps you understand your organisation and provides a range of workshops, bespoke packages and practical resources to support change, including:

Know the Score

Gaining a complete view of your organisation and the experiences of your workforce is indispensable for effective and sustainable change. We have extensive experience helping organisations like yours to assess their working practices and environment, identifying the right targets for improvement and change using robust methods applied with sensitivity and understanding.

  • The Workplace Innovation Diagnostic®
    will help you enhance business performance and employee well-being at team, department, site and organisational levels. This unique, employee survey draws on our research to focus on workplace performance, engagement and workforce health, giving you an in-depth understanding of where action is needed and how to deliver it.
  • Group Recall
    is our tried-and-tested method for identifying the great things about working in your organisation and the frustrations experienced in day-to-day working life. Our experienced facilitators encourage employees to tell it like it is and unleash their ideas for innovation and improvement.

  • Our bespoke workshops and time-out sessions
    allow you to gain fresh insights, clarity and inspiration, creating momentum for positive change.

Develop Effective Leaders

We’ve worked with many amazing leaders to transform their organisations by unleashing the power of their workforces. Our ILM accredited Leadership Development Programmes are based on learning by doing rather than teaching abstract principles. Your senior and emerging leaders gain knowledge, skills and confidence, and we also provide them with practical support and mentoring to deliver real change in your organisation.

Each programme is based around a flexible combination of e-learning and online support, which can also be combined with workshops, in-person coaching, action learning and on-site facilitation. Participants gain an ILM Award or Certificate in Leadership and Management, and can be accredited by us as Workplace Innovation Practitioners.

Senior Practitioners are accredited to deliver our programmes within their own organisations, building internal capacity for sustained learning and change.

Share and Learn in our Change Community

Peer-to-peer exchanges of knowledge, experience and ideas are one of the most powerful forces for workplace innovation and improvement. That’s why we’ve created Fresh Thinking Labs – an online and in-person platform that enables you to access the wisdom, expertise and insights of change leaders from across Europe.

You can also access our free EUWIN Knowledge Bank and Community, a curated collection of films, case studies, practical resources and events managed by us and our international partners.

Make Change Happen

We help you to improve performance by:

  • Enhancing communication
  • Building trust and confidence
  • Creating agile and effective teams
  • Aligning systems and procedures
  • Encouraging continual improvement
  • Engaging employees in innovation
  • Strengthening employee voices
  • Developing leadership at all levels.

We enable and facilitate Engagement Events, Innovation Spaces, FabLabs, Continuous Improvement Groups and Employee Forums to create new, open dialogue across all levels of your organisation, from the Board to the frontline.

Our experienced team also offers


Our highly interactive full or half-day workshops show how increasing numbers of companies throughout Europe use the knowledge, skills and experience of employees at every level to enhance performance and create great places to work.

Participants also enjoy opportunities to reflect on their organisation’s own working practices and culture, and to explore priorities for change and improvement.

The workshop is based on a fast-moving, customised combination of short presentations and films combined with group exercises, open dialogue and diagnostic opportunities. Content can include:

  • Exploring the evidence.
  • Aligning workplace practices with strategic vision, values and objectives.
  • Empowering people in their jobs and teams.
  • Workforce and organisational readiness for digital innovation.
  • Organisational structures, management & procedures that enable high performance.
  • Engaging employees at every level in improvement and innovation.
  • Co-created and emotionally intelligent leadership.
  • Making People-Centred Change happen.

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