Emotional Intelligence Programmes

Emotional Intelligence is the practice of managing our personality to be both personally and inter- personally effective. This is achieved through the habitual practice of thinking about feeling and feeling about thinking, to guide one’s behaviour. The extent and effectiveness by which an individual does this is determined largely by their attitudes.” (Maddox, 2014)

The structure, culture and productivity of an organisation is often dependent on the emotional intelligence (EI) of its leader and people. Executives with high levels of EI are 32% more effective at building and maintaining relationships.

Leaders and managers whose approach is defensive, authoritarian, hierarchical and ultimately anxious will need to micro-manage and will often be fearful of change.

Conversely, someone who is trusting, open and humble is likely to create an organisation that is receptive to ideas, that trusts its employees to manage their time and is less concerned about status and hierarchy.

Our emotional intelligence programmes will increase your understanding of the principles and practice of EI helping you to explore and develop individual and team intelligence and behaviours.

What you can experience on our programmes?

  • You can develop a working knowledge and practical understanding of What Emotional Intelligence is

  • Understand how Emotional Intelligence impacts on you, teams, colleagues and workplaces

  • Learn why a leaders Emotional Intelligence is so important

  • Increase your understanding of you and your organisations strengths and weaknesses and create a plan to develop EI skills through profiling

All our programmes at Workplace Innovation include Emotional Intelligence and and we can offer bespoke content to work with your current challenges and needs.

Our Programmes and Sessions:

We have created a suite of practical programmes that help to develop an emotionally intelligent workforce. They include programmes for Individuals, Teams, Operational Leaders and Senior Leaders. All programmes include an individual Emotional Intelligence Profile Analysis, leading to a Personal Development Plan that will help to build on strengths and identify areas for improvement that when addressed will help them to be in control of their emotional state, whatever situation they are facing.

Details of our programmes are explained below and if you require further information, we would be delighted to explore options with you.

Our programmes of Emotional Intelligence for leaders are bespoke and specific to the organisation’s needs and required outcomes. Emotional Intelligence profiling is included, which gives each individual an indication of, their current level of understanding and awareness, their current strengths and identification of personal development areas of EI within the context of what is happening for them at present.

Individuals will receive a one to one exploration session for this profile which enables us to set goals and plans to help that person develop their EI and ongoing coaching to support this.

An important part of our programme is being able to share with others in the team your own personal EI situation and group workshops begin to encourage this within pairs and small groups. These workshops really bring the teams together to have greater understanding of each other. We can also add and create bespoke programmes to support the needs of your business and values.

What your team will experience:

  • Greater understanding for each individual of their own personal EI strengths and development areas – improving their relationships and behaviours.
  • Helping an individual to see the wider picture and the impact of their behaviours on the organisation and the team.
  • Greater understanding of each other improving connection and engagement as a leadership team, enabling supportive behaviours and team work.
  • Improving the role modelling of culture and values across the business.
  • Making values more tangible by the leaders – demonstrating by action and role modelling.
  • Improving performance and engagement and supporting any difficult issues that might be arising.
  • Leaders managing and supporting their teams in a more Emotionally Intelligent way.
  • Other more indirect benefits with many people sharing that it has changed their life beyond work

What is included:

  • PSI Emotional Intelligence Executive profile
  • 1.5 hr Profile exploration session including development of a plan moving forward
  • 1.5 day workshop

Who is it for: Leaders of an organisation, a group or team of leaders at all levels
Duration: Varies depending on numbers of people involved and the booking of individual slots
Where: Online or in person.
Cost: Starting from £3,120 for up to 6 leaders. Additional Individuals £450*
* Please contact us to discuss numbers of people in your team and workshop maximum that would be appropriate. Not including travel expenses.

An online programme that introduces Emotional Intelligence as a concept and provides you with insight and a plan of development for your own individual EI.

It gives you a good foundation on which to build your personal awareness and increase your understanding of the relevance for yourself and your organisation, by

  • Providing the context of EI within Workplace Innovation focused organisations.
  • The importance of EI and the impact a culture of development can have on an organisation
  • Providing an overview of EI at an Individual, Team and Organisational level.

What will you experience:

  • You will develop an understanding of the basics of Emotional Intelligence and its context within Workplace Innovation.
  • You will explore your top three strengths and development areas of your personal EI
  • You will create and develop a plan of how you will improve your own EI.

What is included:

  • PSI Emotional Intelligence Snapshot Profile
  • Profile exploration session including development of a plan moving forward
  • Online content and related assessment questions
  • A live webinar to support and embed the concepts

Who is is for: Individuals at all levels
Duration: Approximately a month depending on how quickly you can engage with the content and book sessions. 1 hour profile exploration session, 20 – 30 mins for the initial PSI questionnaire. 1.5 hrs live webinar. The online content and assessment we estimate about 10 hrs of work.
Where: Online
Cost: £430 each person (Group discounts available)

If you are looking to develop your individual Emotional Intelligence then this full profile assesses all 16 emotional intelligence strengths and development areas and produces a personalised report. It will alert you to those areas that you can develop and you will leave the session with a plan.

Often used as a bolt on to our other programmes this includes a full PSI Executive profile and a 1.5hr one to one exploration session. The report provides extensive information and suggestions.

What will you experience:

  • You will receive an in-depth assessment with scores for each of 16 aspects of EI. A full report with information on each aspect and suggestions for how to develop particular elements.
  • Working with the support of an assigned Coach you will create a plan to strengthen those areas for development identified in your assessment report. (Additional coaching sessions can be added if requested. This will incur an extra cost)

What is included:

  • PSI Emotional Intelligence Executive report.
  • Profile exploration session including development of a plan moving forward

Who is is for: Any individuals at all levels
Duration: 1.5 hour profile Exploration session, 20 – 30 mins for the initial PSI questionnaire.
Where: Online or in person.
Cost: £280 each person (including travel expenses, Group discounts available).

If you are looking to build a climate of Emotional Intelligence within your team or organisation then an introduction to EI could be your first step. It is a half day session in which we will introduce your team to the basics and encourage them to share and explore with each other their own snapshot profiles engaging in peer to peer coaching. We encourage this support and coaching to continue after the session.

Anyone can be engaged in this programme and we would encourage all levels of a team to be included in the same session.

A PSI snapshot profile includes the top three strengths and three development areas and includes associated suggestions on how you can develop your EI.

What your team will experience:

  • A greater understanding and awareness of Emotional Intelligence – why it is important to ourselves and our organisations.
  • A guided exploration of the important elements of EI and the benefits of developing their EI.
  • How to develop their skills in peer to peer coaching.

What is included:

  • PSI Emotional Intelligence Snapshot report for each individual
  • Content and exercises around the basics of EI
  • Peer to peer coaching session
  • A plan to develop their EI to take away and work on
Who is is for: Any individuals at all levels.
Duration: 20 – 30 mins for the initial PSI questionnaire for each individual. 4 hrs workshop.
Where: Online or in person.
Cost: Groups up to 12 participants – £1600 plus travel if applicable (additional participants £120 each). Workshop cost is fixed up to 12 people, for more than 12 people please contact us to discuss.

Emotional Intelligence is incredibly important for managers and how they work with individuals and teams. We all know that managers can impact significantly on the culture of that team and can affect performance and effectiveness. It is therefore crucial that we work with managers to maximise their Emotional Intelligence so they can manage relationships well within the team. The workshop includes an introduction to Emotional Intelligence and will provide support and guidance on the importance of EI in managing people and teams. Including an introduction to Emotional Intelligence related to managing relationships and people, individual profiles and group sharing and coaching within the day workshop.

What your team will experience:

  • A greater understanding and awareness of Emotional Intelligence – why it is important to ourselves and our organisations and also the importance of managers being strong with Emotional Intelligence.
  • They will explore the important elements of EI and how they can benefit from developing their EI individually, but also in the context of their management of people and teams.
  • They will experience and develop their skills in group sharing and coaching.

What is included:

  • 1 day workshop
  • PSI Narrative profiles for each person taking part in the session
  • 1 hr profile exploration session for each individual
  • Facilitated sharing and group coaching within the workshop
  • A plan and support moving forward with their EI

Who is is for: A group or team of individuals at all levels who are managing or will be managing people.

Duration: 8 hour workshop (online or in person), 20 – 30 mins per person for the initial PSI questionnaire, 1 hr profiling session per person.

Where: Online or in person.

Cost: Starting from £3,675 for 12 individuals, includes cost of profile. Travel expenses added if in person. Workshop cost is fixed up to 12 people, for more than 12 people please contact us to discuss.

All our programmes can be developed and adapted depending on the challenges and needs that you are experiencing.

Please contact us to discuss what the right programme is for you or your organisation.

Natalie Wilkie

Natalie Wilkie

Senior Workplace Innovation Practitioner
and Emotional Intelligence Specialist

Natalie is an organisational development specialist with Workplace Innovation Europe CLG. She focuses on building the emotional intelligence of leaders and teams in ways that make an impact at a fundamental level to the performance and engagement of people throughout the business, and is also a qualified and accredited psychotherapist. Natalie also brings particular experience of transformation, change, organisational cultures and innovation. Natalie recently worked at the Met Office, leading the Innovation Culture Team and heading up organisational development for the Transformation and Efficiency project.

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