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Achieve sustainable improvements in your business performance, build a change culture and in turn become an employer of choice with an empowered workforce, resulting in a focused, happy and high performing team. Discover how we can help you!

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Innovation Diagnostic ®

Our Diagnostic tool identifies the workplace changes that will make a real difference to your organisation. It’s time to abandon traditional engagement surveys and make the significant improvements you’ve been yearning.

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Effective leaders mobilise the full potential of their people and get the best out of their team. We provide them with the knowledge, skills and practical support to do just that.

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Share ideas, experiences and practical approaches to build high performing, innovative and healthy workplaces and unite with people from diverse global enterprises, as well as some of Europe’s leading experts in workplace innovation.

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Webinar Masterclasses, Virtual Learning Journeys, Wellbeing Drop-Ins.


How do you build a high-performing organisation that is also a great place to work?


Assess your organisation against twelve evidence-based workplace practices.


Hear from Halvor Holtskog (Professor of Technology Management in the Department of Technology, Economy, and Management at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway) on ‘Cybersecurity and Workplace Innovation’.

News and Events

Human-Centric Digitalization and Future of Work Conference

April 26

Digitalization, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Algorithmic Management (AM) are key and increasingly pervasive technologies in the 21st century. It is going to impact the way people live and work in a significant way.

EUWIN Webinars

FREE webinars each month featuring researchers and practitioners from across EUWIN’s network.

Mental Health Awareness Week: focusing on anxiety

This year Mental Health Awareness Week is focusing on anxiety. Anxiety is a normal emotion in us all, but sometimes it can get out of control and become a mental health problem.

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