Impressions from our Glasgow Masterclass Creating Leaders for the Future

The Workplace Innovation Masterclass – Creating Leaders for the Future took place in Glasgow on 4th February 2020 and brought together over eighty attendees from sixty companies across Scotland, who found inspiration and took away examples of good practice from our brilliant speakers:
Line SandbergVice President Global Quality and Continuous Improvement at LEO Pharma A/S, Denmark.
Dr Bengt SavénCOO, Saab Aeronautics; Adjunct Professor at the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.
Doug Johnston Managing Director, Mayr-Melnhof Packaging, UK.

Participants have also gained insights into effective leadership behaviours from Natalie Wilkie, Leadership and Innovation Specialist, Workplace Innovation Europe.

The event was facilitated by Dr Peter Totterdill and Rosemary Exton, directors of Workplace Innovation Europe on behalf of Scottish Enterprise and Skills Development Scotland.

Dr Peter Totterdill

Here is what James Burns, Project manager and innovation strategist in business development, Skills Development Scotland had to say about the event.

It has been an excellent event with interesting and thought provoking presentations and a great atmosphere created for discussion and networking.

“Leadership is about clear direction, being enabled and having the attitude to deliver results.”

Peter started by defining leadership and mentioning the importance of people and introducing workplace practices to ensure everyone reached their full potential:

“Great leaders create those opportunities to allow others to lead – co-created leadership.”

Dr Peter Totterdill
Dr Peter Totterdill

Bengt mentioned 300% increased productivity through systematic improvement using leadership teams and leadership language. He encouraged us all to use some structure to improve, including the ‘lean ladder’ model. And he mentioned increasing employee engagement from a typical 16% by working on the means, the ability and the attitude. This is by using our people to take over leadership responsibilities – in SDS we call that ‘everyday leadership’.

“All progress starts with leadership.”

Doug spoke about giving people the opportunity to fail which opens the door for improvement.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

The Doug method: COACH – consistent; open to new ideas; accessible to your people; challenging people to direct and drive and change thinking; honesty in feedback – if you don’t know you don’t know.

Dr Peter Totterdill
Dr Peter Totterdill

Line spoke about creating sustainable and exciting workplaces. We need a team to create good leaders and Line’s three messages – you are no better than your team so make them shine; collaboration – there is no them and us; take some responsibility for quality of life of your people and allow your people see they are part of something great. It’s also about giving time to create leadership and empowering the team in everyday leadership.

Nathalie introduced the emotional intelligence leadership effectiveness exercise. It’s about knowing ourselves and being aware of our emotions and behaviours to effect our leadership and performance at work. And again doing this is a structured way and steering the ship to be more mindful to perform at your best and bring out the best in others. We heard about the importance of values and being authentic in leadership.

Dr Peter Totterdill

Leadership is about using our own behaviours and experience to give our employees voice, empower our team and taking our people along with us on the journey to succeed. And to do that within a structure that allows that engagement and provides the tools to give our people the opportunity to succeed. By being clear, allowing time to improve and resolve issues as they arise, through the daily review/ IQ or meeting but not to solutionise and get bogged down in the detail and point fingers.

“It’s OK to fail’ and ‘it’s OK not to have all the answers.”