Are you a leader? Then prove it

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You can take your career by the scruff of the neck by developing new leadership skills and capabilities that will give you the competitive edge and set yourself apart from your peers with an enhanced CV.

This will make you think!

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The Workplace Innovation Practitioner Programme takes you and your organisation on a journey of shared learning, fresh thinking and sustainable business innovation and improvement.

Employee Forums

2020-10-21T20:19:44+01:00October 21st, 2020|News|

Communication is essential to positive organisational change and well organised employee forums have a major role to play in ensuring that innovative workplace practices are sustainable.


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Today, Covid-19 has confined more and more people to their homes working largely in isolation and quite often in their comfy nightwear. As long as you don a respectable jumper for those necessary Zoom business calls, does it matter what you’re sporting under desk height?