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The Craft of Innovation Masterclass

With Professor John Bessant (University of Exeter)

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The Craft of Innovation: Managing innovation – creating value from ideas!

Innovation is a journey, not an event. It’s not like the cartoons – you know, the moment when the light bulb flashes on above someone’s head and everything just happens? In real life it’s a bit more complicated. We still need that idea – but for it to create value we need more. Join John Bessant in this interactive Masterclass exploring lessons you might take on board to help develop your innovation capabilities.

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Seeing the translation of our idea into something which creates value – innovation – is very much a journey. It’s uncertain, we may not even be sure exactly where we’re going. And there’ll be unexpected things which happen along the way. We know there are key stages which we need to go through – refining and developing the idea, building some kind of ‘business model’ around it to make sure we’ve thought through how it will create value and for whom. We need to bring the idea to life, create various prototypes and adjust and develop until we’re in a position to launch our finished version. And then we need to scale the innovation, ensuring it diffuses to many people and becomes widely adopted.

At the end of the journey, even if we’ve failed in our original aims there’s an opportunity to learn, to prepare ourselves to make the next journey a little better. Lessons to learn, things to do (or avoid doing), resources, tools, techniques on which we can build. Over time, as we make more journeys so we build our experience, become more skilled and able to make more difficult journeys, move into less charted waters.

Discover more during this exciting masterclass, led by one of Europe’s greatest authorities on high involvement innovation.

Guest speaker

Professor John Bessant
Emeritus Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
University of Exeter

Originally a chemical engineer, Professor John Bessant has been active in research, teaching and consultancy in technology and innovation management for over 25 years. He currently holds the Chair in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Exeter University where he is also Research Director. In 2003, he was awarded a Fellowship with the Advanced Institute for Management Research and was also elected a Fellow of the British Academy of Management. He served on the Business and Management Panel of both the 2001 and 2008 Research Assessment Exercises. He has acted as advisor to various national governments and to international bodies including the United Nations, The World Bank and the OECD.

Professor Bessant is the author of over 30 books and monographs and many articles on the topic and has lectured and consulted widely around the world. His most recent books include Managing innovation (2018) (now in its 6th edition) Entreprenurship (2018) (both published by John Wiley and Sons) and ‘Riding the innovation wave’ (Emerald, 2017).

Your Facilitators

Dr Peter Totterdill
Founding Director
Workplace Innovation Europe

Dr Peter Totterdill is a Founding Director of Workplace Innovation Europe CLG, a not-for-profit organisation created to help public and private sector organisations achieve enhanced performance and better working lives. A leading European expert in workplace innovation, Peter’s career has focused on building bridges between research and practice. He has led many successful innovation and change initiatives in both private and public sector organisations. Peter was previously a Research Professor at Nottingham Trent University, and has held Visiting Professorships at Kingston University London and Mykolas Romeris University Vilnius.
Rosemary Exton

Rosemary Exton
Founding Director
Workplace Innovation Europe

Rosemary Exton is a Founding Director of Workplace Innovation Europe CLG. Her experience of workplace innovation dates back to 2002, and builds on many years’ experience as a clinician, manager and trade unionist in the UK’s National Health Service where she instigated, drove and delivered many complex change and improvement initiatives. Rosemary has played key roles in several international research and development projects, whilst simultaneously delivering leadership development programmes and facilitating organisational change in diverse companies and public sector organisations across Europe.
Natalie Wilkie

Natalie Wilkie
Organisational Development Specialist
Workplace Innovation Europe

Natalie Wilkie is an organisational development specialist with Workplace Innovation Europe CLG. She focuses on building the emotional intelligence of leaders and teams in ways that make an impact at a fundamental level to the performance and engagement of people throughout the business, and is also a qualified and accredited psychotherapist. Natalie also brings particular experience of transformation, change, organisational cultures and innovation. Natalie recently worked at the Met Office, leading the Innovation Culture Team and heading up organisational development for the Transformation and Efficiency project.