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How to build a culture of innovation

(Follow-up Webinar)

Dr Peter Totterdill

Dr Peter Totterdill
Co-Founder & Director of WIE

Thanks to everyone who gave us such great feedback about our last webinar – and we’d love to keep the conversation going and help you on your change journeys.

There’s considerable value in bringing companies together to share good practices and experience in leading workplace innovation. You’re warmly invited to join us for a follow-up session where you’ll have a great opportunity to share problems and solutions with other companies.

Peter will be joined by Rosemary Exton, Natalie Wilkie and Susan Beattie.

Dr Peter Totterdill

Rosemary Exton

Dr Peter Totterdill

Natalie Wilkie

Dr Peter Totterdill

Susan Beattie

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