Learn from the Experts

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To mark the retirement of leading workplace innovation expert Palle Banke, the Danish Technological Institute organised a workshop for nearly 100 businesses from across the country. Speakers included EUWIN’s Peter Totterdill, Uli Pekruhl (Switzerland) and Richard Badham (Australia). Now they have shared their knowledge and experience in a short video. Danish speakers can also enjoy presentations by Lone Thellesen (Dacapo) and Palle himself.

Creating the Innovative Organisation

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A growing number of enterprises recognise that the innovation needed to build and sustain competitiveness can come from the ideas and imagination of employees at every level. Our film features four such organisations: Devon & Cornwall Police, Innocent, Red Gate Software and The Met Office.

How Europe’s companies make real change happen

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One of EUWIN’s first tasks after its creation in 2013 was to explain workplace innovation to enterprise-level decision-makers across Europe, and this has been one of our most exciting achievements. This film brings together experiences from seven exciting workplaces situated across Europe, and representing a diverse range of companies and activities.

Prodrive Technologies

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You have probably read a lot of stories in which it is insisted that workplace innovation is about respecting the tacit knowledge of the employee and that companies need sophisticated engagement policies to let these employees bring their talent, knowledge and effort to the company. Nothing could be more wrong! The Dutch electronics company Prodrive Technologies has achieved such a level of sharing. The company is a marvel in the Eindhoven area in The Netherlands.

Bosch Thermotechnik

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Bosch, the multinational engineering company which operates in the automotive, appliances, power tools, security systems and solar energy sectors has been manufacturing in Portugal for over 100 years. Its five locations in Portugal have over 3000 employees out of a global headcount of more than 290,000. In 2014 it recorded sales of €788 million.

Becton Dickinson – medical devices manufacturer

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Becton Dickinson has produced medical devices in Drogheda for fifty years, but during the first decade of this century the plant seemed to be falling off the parent company’s radar. Becton Dickinson offers persuasive evidence that workplace partnership means more than good industrial relations. Unions can play a key role in engaging workers at all levels in innovation and improvement, creating win-win outcomes for employees and their employers.

Polpharma Worldwide – People helping People

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Established for over 80 years, Polpharma is the largest manufacturer of pharmaceuticals in Poland servicing the Central and Eastern European, Caucasus and Central Asian markets. It is among the top 20 generic drug manufacturers in the world, employing over 7,500 people across 7 manufacturing plants in Poland, Russia and Kazakhstan as well as 7 research and development centres. Polpharma Group’s portfolio includes about 600 products, and another 200 are under development. Polpharma recognises that enabling improvement and innovation requires freedom to act combined with the ability to design the workplace and work environment in ways that employees want.