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Cybersecurity and Workplace Innovation

  • This webinar is part of the Bridges 5.0 and EUWIN programme of events.

Organisations experienced a 435% increase in ransomware in 2022, and the World Economic Forum’s cybersecurity report states that 95% of cyber incidents can be traced back to human errors. So how can organisations prepare themselves for cyberattacks, and what does a people-centred approach to cyber-resilience look like?

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) leads the national center for research-driven innovation in cyber security for critical sectors. The goal is to make Norway the most secure country in the world. Knowing that 95% of all security breaches are caused by human actions, organizational and innovation studies are important for the center. The talk will ask how a security breach will influence workplace innovation, and how to learn what to do in a critical situation. To illustrate this, the talk will concentrate on a real breach in a multinational company, giving the story more depth and a better understanding of the organisational mechanisms in play.


EUWIN (the European Workplace Innovation Network) is a community of researchers and practitioners from business, public policy, research and social partner organisations. Its remit is to promote workplace practices that lead to simultaneous improvements in organisational performance and quality of working life for employees. First established by the European Commission in 2013, EUWIN is now funded and managed by a network of international partners. See www.euwin.net

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