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Human-Centric Digitalization and Future of Work International Hybrid Conference

Budapest (and online), 26th April 2024

Digitalization, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Algorithmic Management (AM) are key and increasingly pervasive technologies in the 21st century. It is going to impact the way people live and work in a significant way. AI/AM raises issues of transparency, accountability and fairness. The ‘human control’ principle refers to when automated decisions have to be – under certain conditions –subject to human review.

The conference presentations cover two broad issues. Firstly, speakers intend to illustrate the ‘human control’ approach through various – legal, organisational – experiences. Secondly, new jobs are created through digitalisation (it is enough to think about platform work) but a growing number of people find themselves in vulnerable, often non-standard forms of employment.

Technology may not have a significant negative impact on the quantity of jobs available to humans. However, digitalisation implies a redistribution of economic value from those with skills that can be substituted by technology to those with skills that can be complemented by technology.


Participation only by registration before 25th of April.

The link to the broadcast will be sent to the registrants the day before the event.

The event is in English without interpretation.

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