The Network Innovation Collaboration Event is a future-focused event facilitated by Workplace Innovation Europe with the aim of building an innovation culture across the energy sector and its partner networks. The event will take place in Warwick on September 10th and is sponsored by the Energy Networks Association, National Grid, Cadent, Wales&West Utilities, Northern Gas Network and SGN.

What’s it all about?

A new understanding of innovation is emerging, one in which it is no longer the sole prerogative of scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs. European research suggests that most product, service and process innovations that affect the bottom line come from interaction between employees – but these innovations are heavily concentrated in companies that engage and empower their staff . . .

  • companies led by people who understand the need to listen and coach
  • organisations built around collaboration rather than silos
  • everyone engaged in creative thinking and learning as part of their day jobs
  • delegated decision-making to people and teams at every level.

This is known as workplace innovation.

The event will show you how leading European companies are creating and embedding cultures of innovation to survive and thrive in an increasingly volatile world.

It will share some of the knowledge, skills and practical resources you need to help build truly innovative companies.

And it will open up opportunities to make change happen in your workplace, company and networks.