Scottish Enterprise has announced the continuation of its nation-wide programme of workplace innovation Masterclasses confirming Scotland’s status as one of the most pro-active European countries promoting long-term sustainable economic growth through the development of inclusive and creative workplaces.

The contract to conduct the next 12 Masterclasses over a three year programme has been awarded to Workplace Innovation Europe Limited (WIE), a not-for-profit organisation which successfully delivered Scottish Enterprise’s Workplace Innovation Engagement Programme (WIEP) where 19 business were engaged in a ground-breaking combination of individual learning and development, peer-to-peer exchange of knowledge and experience, and on-site coaching and facilitation.

Next Masterclass

Workplace Innovation Masterclass: Industry 4.0, Digitalisation and Future Work

Date: November 27, 09:30 – 13:00
Location: Stirling Court Hotel, University of Stirling, Stirling, FK9 4AE

Digital technologies offer vast potential for improving efficiency and transforming the production of goods and services. We also know that these gains are only fully realised when technological innovation and workplace innovation are considered together. Drawing on international evidence, experiences and good practice, the Masterclass will explore a roadmap showing how leading companies are achieving the best possible synergies between digital potential and human potential as well as the best possible returns on investment.

Workplace Innovation is a practical, evidence-based approach that enables businesses to use and develop the skills, experience and creativity of their people to the full. It leads to high performance and great working lives.

Our Workplace Innovation Masterclass series is aimed at key decision makers within Scotland’s business community, introducing the different practices behind the concept of workplace innovation and demonstrating how they can help you achieve positive benefits for your company.

Together with our Dutch partners, we were the co-creators of the workplace innovation concept which has now taken root in European Commission policy and in the economic strategies of several countries, including Scotland.

The Masterclass programme is designed to meet a key objective of Scottish Enterprise’s Workplace Innovation Service, that of increasing awareness and understanding within the business community of how business performance and employee working life are enhanced through the adoption of Fair Work principles and workplace innovation practices including values-based leadership, contributing significantly to the goals of the Scottish Government’s Inclusive Growth strategy.

The Masterclasses will be delivered at venues throughout Scotland and will examine why and how workplace innovation is driving business growth by releasing talent in the knowledge economy. They will focus on people-centred change and how to meaningfully engage employees in innovation, sustainable improvement and cultural change at work.

Peter Totterdill (Director of WIE)

We bring a unique body of fresh thinking, evidence-based approaches and innovative resources to the Masterclasses through our work with diverse enterprises and other stakeholders in Scotland, across the rest of Europe, and beyond.

Masterclasses are a valuable means of raising awareness and stimulating action, but the challenge is that of maintaining momentum and commitment after the event. To this end we have already recruited a number of workplace innovation ambassadors from the Scottish business community who are willing to share their experience of change at the Masterclasses and they will line up with a panel of acknowledged workplace innovation experts from across Europe.

Rosemary Exton (WIE Co-director)

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