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International virtual exchange of experience between science and practice

Good Leadership and Work in the Digital Transformation

Comparative approaches and instruments for leadership development in the digital age

FREE lectures series January – May 2022.

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Leadership is both affected by the trend towards digitalisation itself whilst having to shape it at the same time. Leadership roles, leadership concepts and leadership competencies are undergoing – and must undergo – major changes.

Good leadership aims to achieve the best possible synergies between digital potential and human potential. This means using technologies to enable forms of self-organisation that empower and upskill employees, allowing them to use and develop their full range of knowledge, competence and creativity throughout the organisation.

Workplace innovation, with its grounding in well-established socio-technical principles, is proving its robustness as a means of orientating and resourcing managers in implementing digital technologies effectively.


This international programme of online events will share experiences and outcomes from current developments in research and practice from different European countries. It will build a network of researchers and practitioners designed to share knowledge and identify good practice in leadership and digital transformation.

Who should take part?

  • Scholars researching leadership, management and workplace innovation.
  • Practitioners in leadership development, organisational development, and culture change.
  • Leaders at every organisational level.

  • Consultants.