Cybersecurity and Workplace Innovation


Organisations experienced a 435% increase in ransomware in 2022, and the World Economic Forum’s cybersecurity report states that 95% of cyber incidents can be traced back to human errors.

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Call for Papers


EUWIN and the European Journal of Workplace Innovation (EJWI) invite extended abstracts for the EUWIN Scientific Conference, titled The Future of Workplace Innovation.

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Workplace Health and Wellbeing


A new consortium, comprising sixteen academic, industrial and stakeholder partners from ten European countries aim to improve workplace health and wellbeing through novel adaptive architectural solutions.

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Trade Unions Drive Workplace Innovation


In recent decades the growth of workplace practices such as self-organised teamworking and employee-driven innovation has made a positive impact on businesses and working lives.

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“Very monotonous work”


A few years ago, journalist Jeroen van Bergeijk worked undercover at a distribution centre. He started working as an “order picker”.

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The Future of Workplace Innovation


EUWIN’s honorary advisors Richard Ennals and Frank Pot prepared a short article on why this is an important topic for Europe. We think their arguments are worth sharing more widely.

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Advice on Workplace Innovation


In 2020, the Dutch government sent a request to SER for advice on how to foster workplace innovation. On March 16, 2023, the Council adopted the final text in a plenary meeting.

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