Are you a leader? Then prove it.

We are in uncertain and unpredictable times. When we are back on course, you’ll want all the knowledge and skills in your tool box to play a significant role in contributing to change and improvement initiatives while raising your profile in the organisation and become a natural choice as a thinker, innovator and leader.


You can take your career by the scruff of the neck by developing new leadership skills and capabilities that will give you the competitive edge and set yourself apart from your peers with an enhanced CV.

You don’t have to wait and hope for a training opportunity to come your way. You can seize the day by enrolling on The Workplace Innovation Foundation Programme. You not only become an effective and innovative leader but also gain ILM Level 5 Accreditation in Leadership and Management to prove you’ve got what it takes.

Too Busy?

Our flexible approach is based on blended learning, giving you the best possible combination of e-learning, online tutor support, regular workshops and peer-to-peer exchanges of ideas and experience.

While you study in your own way and at your own pace, we’ll keep in regular contact to ensure that you have all the advice and support you need. We’ll work with you to help understand how learning from the Workplace Innovation programme translates into practical ideas for change.


You’ll access all your individual programme material on our interactive Fresh Thinking Labs e-learning platform including films, case studies, articles, practical tools and downloadable resources, organised in intuitive, clearly explained, action-oriented themes.

Your online Learning Log allows you to capture key points from each theme, and to explore how you could apply them in practice. This is how we add tutor comments, assess your progress, and avoid the need for lengthy assignments.


You gain knowledge, skills and practical approaches that can deliver real change.

You achieve an internationally recognised ILM Level 5 Award in Leadership & Management as well as Workplace Innovation Foundation Status. Your organisation benefits from your new knowledge, insights and leadership skills.

And you become part of an international community of change leaders from other companies and public sector organisations, sharing and learning together.

It’s in your hands. Don’t wait. You can do this.

Cost: £1,200/€1,350 + VAT (Where applicable)

To discuss the Workplace Innovation Foundation Programme in more detail, please call me direct on +44 (0)333 987 5116 or email me.
Or complete this contact us form and I will get back to you.

Rosemary Exton – Programme Director

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