Valuing Young People in the Workplace

Webinar Report: 21st September 2021

How workplace innovation meets the aspirations of Gen Z: A conversation between experts, business leaders . . . & young people.

Scotland’s Developing the Young Workforce strategy focuses on a key priority for the future of the country’s economy and labour market. People born since 1990 now make up around a third of Scotland’s workforce, and workplace innovation has an important role to play in ensuring that younger workers have every opportunity to reach their full potential at work.

There is a mountain of research and survey evidence about ‘Generation Z’ and younger millennials, and how their behaviours and aspirations differ from their predecessors. Younger people are characterised as digitally-literate multi-taskers who are comfortable with diversity – attributes sought after by employers – but also more susceptible to stress and mental illness.

In choosing employment, young workers place a premium on ethical and transparent leadership, diverse and inclusive workplaces, opportunities for interaction and collaboration, meaningful work to which they can fully commit themselves, and personal wellbeing. Helping younger people to reach their full potential at work will be enhanced by emotionally intelligent leadership, coaching behaviours, task variety and two-way inter-generational learning.

Through panel discussions, this webinar explored the experiences of young people at work in Scotland, and identified international good practice in the workplace.

Watch the webinar recording


Marielle Bruce
Youth Work and Schools Manager
YouthLink Scotland

Louise Stevenson
Senior HR Specialist
Booth Welsh

Michael Stephenson
Head Of Software Engineering

Jade Mason
People Lead

Marion Beattie
Head of Skills-Growth and Inward Investment, Skills Development Scotland

Our panel of young people

Millie Addison
Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM)

Chloe Bell
Bright Purple

Matthew Montgomerie
Process/Control Systems Engineer, Booth Welsh


Dr Peter Totterdill
Founding Director
Workplace Innovation Europe

Dr Peter Totterdill is a Founding Director of Workplace Innovation Europe CLG, a not-for-profit organisation created to help public and private sector organisations achieve enhanced performance and better working lives. A leading European expert in workplace innovation, Peter’s career has focused on building bridges between research and practice. He has led many successful innovation and change initiatives in both private and public sector organisations. Peter was previously a Research Professor at Nottingham Trent University, and has held Visiting Professorships at Kingston University London and Mykolas Romeris University Vilnius.
Rosemary Exton

Rosemary Exton
Founding Director
Workplace Innovation Europe

Rosemary Exton is a Founding Director of Workplace Innovation Europe CLG. Her experience of workplace innovation dates back to 2002, and builds on many years’ experience as a clinician, manager and trade unionist in the UK’s National Health Service where she instigated, drove and delivered many complex change and improvement initiatives. Rosemary has played key roles in several international research and development projects, whilst simultaneously delivering leadership development programmes and facilitating organisational change in diverse companies and public sector organisations across Europe.

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