The Workplace Innovation Diagnostic®

Helping you and your organisation become fit for the future

The Workplace Innovation Diagnostic® is a unique on-line employee survey, providing companies with a clear roadmap of the types of changes they need to make, and where to make them for high performance, innovation, positive mental health and employee well-being.

Your employees want to be heard. They want to tell you what’s working and what’s frustrating them. And they want to know that you’re really committed to improving the business – helping them to work in as productive way as possible, and to use and develop as much of their skills, knowledge and experience as possible in their day-to-day work.

Without a voice, your employees will become disengaged and much less willing to go the extra mile. And your organisation will lose out on so many opportunities to enhance performance and build a strong culture of innovation.

The Workplace Innovation Diagnostic® goes far beyond the traditional engagement survey. It measures whether or not employees experience those workplace practices known to lead to high performance and amazing places to work.  It tells you whether your people are working in ways that help – or hinder – the realisation of organisational values and objectives. It highlights practices that affect mental health and wellbeing across your selected criteria. You can add your own questions to reference to previous surveys and the free text Comments gives opportunities for feedback and ideas.

And it guides you exactly to where change is needed.

“All of a sudden there was a method of measuring the issues we could see in the company. Once you can measure it, you can actually analyse it and do something about it.”
Martin Welsh, MD, Booth Welsh

Results are broken down by team, department, division or any other criteria specified by you. They help you identify areas of good practice and where you need to improve, and precisely what you need to do to align the whole organisation to enhance workflow, collaboration, improvement and innovation, management and leadership, job satisfaction, alignment to business objectives and understanding of and commitment to the direction of travel.

It’s all about action and our diagnostic provides you with an online action planning tool based on your results. This will help you and your change team to address each area of the business where change is needed.

It’s easy access for everyone with online completion time around 15 minutes on a mobile, iPad, laptop or PC.

You are in control throughout. A Reports Dashboard allows you to view, create and share online reports. Progress reports tell you about survey completion; Executive reports give detailed results and ideas for action including analysis of Breakdown scores; Comparison reports to previous surveys and Comments direct from your people. You can also customize the reports you specifically require.

This is the most focused Diagnostic I’ve seen. It identifies where workplace practices can be improved, and drives an action plan that is going to deliver lasting change.”
Sue Evans, Former HR Director, Warwickshire County Council

To discuss how The Workplace Innovation Diagnostic® can help your organisation you can contact us here.