People-Centred Change Leadership Programme

A blended programme for current and emerging Change Leaders, providing them with the knowledge, skills and practical tools to improve or transform workplace practices and culture. The Programme provides individual and/or group support to Change Leaders, helping them to identify challenges and opportunities, build the business case for action, learn from innovative practice, acquire the personal competencies required to inspire and lead and others, and master a range of tried and tested tools and practical resources.

Driven at a pace determined by each participant and the requirements of the company, the Programme is delivered through a combination of webinars, e-learning, online coaching/mentoring, and action planning. Programme participants also join the Fresh Thinking Labs community of people driving change in diverse organisations, with opportunities for peer-to-peer exchange as well as interaction with external experts.

Participants can gain an ILM (Institute for Leadership and Management) qualification at the end of the Programme based on the practical experiences they acquire as Change Leaders.

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