How to Translate Evidence into Practice Webinar

Stavroula Demetriades explores workplace evidence
and practical solutions from 20,000 European companies

20th October @ 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm (Ireland, Portugal, UK)

Recent research from over 20,000 workplaces across Europe shows that organisations in which employees enjoy a high degree of autonomy and responsibility, regular opportunities for learning and development, direct participation in decision making, and ‘employee voice’ achieve significantly higher business performance as well as enhanced workforce health and wellbeing. Yet only around one-fifth of companies have these beneficial bundles of workplace practices in place.

What practical lessons can business leaders and decision-makers take from these findings? The webinar will discuss the specific workplace practices that can help businesses achieve these win-win outcomes, the evidence behind them, and how to make change happen in practice.

Stavroula Demetriades
Senior Research Manager

Stavroula has responsibility for research in the areas of innovation, workplace practices and job creation at Eurofound (one of the joint sponsors of the study), and has a long-term interest in workplace innovation.

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