Hoshin Kanri: Sustainable Agile Management for Workplace Innovation
With David Hutchins

Monday, 28th June @ 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm BST (Ireland, Portugal, UK)

How do you align your entire organisation towards the achievement of its strategic goals and vision? During this interactive webinar, David Hutchins will explain the principles of Hoshin Kanri and how it can be used as a very practical approach to achieving high performance through people.

David Hutchins is a leading authority on Quality, supporting companies and business leaders throughout the UK and beyond for more than 50 years, as well making a lifelong contribution to the development of the discipline.

David Hutchins
World Class Development of Quality Based Education

Following a career in Industrial and Production Engineering in the high precision Automotive and Printing machinery sectors, resulting in the position of Works Manager, David moved into Education and consultancy in 1969 primarily to stimulate a response from British manufacture to the growing challenge from Japan.

He organised the first ever seminar in the UK entitled ‘Total Quality Control’ in 1973. Established his own consultancy, education and training organisation in 1975, was responsible for the inspiration and organisation of the epoc making event ‘The Japanese Approach to Product Quality’ held at the Institute of Directors in 1979 at which Professor Ishikawa made his one and only ever visit to the UK and Europe. Since then David Hutchins has continued to pursue and confirm his beliefs in an approach to the achievement of QUALITY EXCELLENCE through people involvement and empowerment as opposed to the short sighted conformance route.

Specialties: Hoshin Kanri, Policy and Strategy Deployment, and Policy Control, Project by Project Improvement, Root Cause Analysis (RCA), self managing work groups and quality circles, New Product Development tools and process, Supply Chain Management, Benchmarking, creation and delivery of e-learning and distance learning materials, to Level 7 from Level 3 in the Quality Sciences and Disciplines.

Author of the Award winning book ‘Quality Beyond Borders’, Hoshin Kanri and 8 other best selling books.

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