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Fresh Thinking Labs lies at the heart of what we do. It’s a system of international spaces for dynamic, peer to peer interaction backed by a unique portfolio of expertise, tools and practical experience.

Uniquely, it combines an online community with in-person peer exchanges and relationship building. Fresh Thinking Labs’ bespoke digital platform is designed to support shared learning, leadership development and practical support for innovation in the workplace. Pandemics permitting, it also creates face-to-face dialogue through inter-company visits and workshops at regional, national and international levels.

Fresh Thinking Labs draws on our extensive partner network and experience across the whole of Europe and beyond, including the European Workplace Innovation Network (EUWIN), established on behalf of the European Commission in 2013. Our EUWIN community includes more than 1500 contacts in 30+ countries as well as strong relationships with individual companies established through events and network activities during the last seven years.

The 250+ Fresh Thinking Lab registrations to date include international companies such as Aviva, E.ON, GE Mining and Saint-Gobain. International activities have included online and in person activities in the UK, Sweden, Spain, Finland, Estonia, Denmark and Belgium as well as Ireland. Fresh Thinking Labs will become global by 2023.

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I was delighted with the facilitation and enthusiasm that both Peter and Rosemary added to our Mission and Vision strategy day. Having more than 20 senior people from my business out of the office is a big commitment and Peter and Rosemary certainly helped get the most out the day and helped us map out the road ahead. Look forward to working with them again in the future

The power of Fresh Thinking Labs is being curious and open to learning from peers from similar and distinctly different sectors and from across Europe.  I returned to my workplace with lots of ideas to try out and a number of new relationships formed – people that share a desire to make working lives as fulfilling as possible and recognise that workplace innovation, driven by employees, makes the real difference between good and leading edge.

This has been a really good journey for us for what we needed to do, bringing a coherence across the organisation.

It’s massive, you actually enjoy going to work now, it’s different, everyone’s in a different mindset, everyone’s enjoying it now and getting input and getting them to speak and don’t be afraid to approach managers and whoever, everyone’s got a voice now and that’s what we took out of this it’s been fantastic.

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