Emotional Intelligence Leadership Programme

Our programmes of emotional intelligence for leaders are bespoke and specific to the organisation’s needs and required outcomes. EI profiling gives each individual an indication of their current level of understanding and awareness, their strengths and areas for potential development in terms of EI.

Individuals receive a one-to-one exploration session which enables us to set goals and ongoing coaching plans to help develop EI.

An important part of our programme is the team workshops, which promote an exchange of thoughts and ideas about personal EI matters between team members. The workshops bring teams together around a greater sense of mutual understanding.

What your team will experience:

  • Greater understanding for each individual of their own EI strengths and development areas – improving their relationships and behaviours.

  • A clearer view of the wider picture and the impact of different behaviours on organisations

  • Greater understanding of each other, improved connections and engagement as a leadership team, enabling supportive behaviours and teamwork.

  • Improved role modelling of culture and values across the business.

  • Values made more tangible by demonstration and role modelling.

  • Improved performance and engagement, and support for any difficult issues that arise.

  • Teams managed and supported with greater emotional intelligence.

  • Changes in other areas – improved EI may have impacts beyond the workplace.

What is included:

PSI Emotional Intelligence Executive profile

1.5 hr profile session including development of a forward plan

1.5 day workshop

Who is it for:

Leaders of an organisation, a group or team of leaders at all levels.


Varies depending on numbers and the booking of individual slots


Online or in person.


Starting from £3,120 for up to 6 leaders. Additional Individuals £450*
* Please contact us to discuss numbers of people in your team and workshop maximum that would be appropriate. Excluding travel expenses.

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