Exploring a Culture of Innovation
at employee-owned Gripple

With an ownership stake in the business and an influence on governance, Gripple’s employees are focused on the achievement of strategic goals, engaged in improvement and innovation, and receptive to positive change in the workplace. Gripple, a world leading manufacturer of wire joining and tensioning systems, has been an employee-owned business for over 25 years.

Join us in this unique virtual journey where you’ll meet and discuss the company’s journey towards a culture of engagement and innovation with Ed and with several members of his workforce, and discover what makes Gripple different . . .

“Setting and achieving targets is strongly ingrained in our employee owners. It provides a measure that all employees ask about and are very aware of, and it drives real action on a day to day basis, focusing on translating opportunities, customer problems, and employee suggestions into tangible, physical products.”

“We have continued to innovate and we’ve continued to develop patented products, and one of the benefits of this is that it has given us the confidence to invest in worldwide marketing. The business’ growth has come from real geographic expansion over the course of 30 years supported by new products developed by our employee owners.”

Ed Stubbs will describe Gripple’s journey towards employee ownership and how it has transformed the company’s culture and working practices. Self-management at individual and team level accompanied by two-way accountability have become embedded in Gripple’s way of working, whilst high involvement innovation and improvement are central to the company’s competitive success.

Gripple Ltd is 100% employee owned and a global manufacturer of wire joining and suspension systems. Founded in 1989, turnover is now £90m, exporting to over 80 countries and with 850 employees. Ed Stubbs, Managing Director of Gripple Ltd has worked with employee owned GLIDE group for 19 years, working in Sales and Marketing for Gripple start-ups in the USA, and sister company Loadhog Ltd (UK) before moving into General Management as MD of Loadhog Ltd for 6 years and re-joining Gripple in 2015. Ed is proud to have led two employee owned businesses to recognition in two IMECH People Effectiveness and UK Best Factory awards and the British Chamber Employer of the Year award.

Past In Person events

Fresh Thinking Labs is renowned for its unique and engaging In Person company visits and events, and we hope to be able to facilitate them again in the second half of this year. Until then below you will find some images from some of our past events.