Adversity to Advantage Virtual Conference

18/19 November 2020

The DHI Virtual Conference, Adversity to Advantage is for Leaders, decision makers and students. This event will cover the fundamentals to high-level concepts, all offered by the leading experts in the field.

Business leaders will find sessions on building culture, diversity and inclusion invaluable. Leaders can explore topics that are designed to help plan and prepare for the future.

Attendees also have the opportunity to workshop specific topics in sessions dedicated to practical application of what you’ve learned in the two days.

Now is the time to invest in human potential. Learn new skills that will strengthen your organisations so they are positioned to accelerate into the future.

Seizing the Opportunity

So how do we seize the opportunity? How do businesses thrive and grow when they are facing the biggest challenges in decades? Businesses need to stop expecting business to return to ‘normal’. Climate change, sustainability and technological advances have have been affecting the high street retailers for some time. For retailers, fighting a fierce battle against Amazon and other e-commerce players, these challenges have accelerated at an incredible speed. It is vital that these businesses build back better.

What lessons can we learn from the most successful leaders in business? The Adversity to Advantage Virtual Conference will bring together thought leaders from across the globe who will share insights into how to navigate the uncertainty that lies ahead. Rapid decision making, focused teams with a shared sense of purpose, a commitment to getting things right first time and a strong supportive culture are all characteristics of organisations who have adapted well in a crisis.

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