A new EUWIN Bulletin is now out

The second edition of EUWIN’s relaunched Bulletin shows the strength and breadth of the workplace innovation movement across Europe. It includes important new research on workplace innovation’s impact on organisational performance, capacity for innovation and employee wellbeing, together with reviews of public policy and articles on topical developments in Hungary, Italy and the railway industry.

Virtual Conference

The recordings of the EUWIN and Beyond 4.0 Virtual Conference ‘Workplace Innovation in the Digital Age’ are now available for you to watch. Click the button below for access.

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What is Workplace Innovation?

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EUWIN’s new Knowledge Bank is coming soon

A rich resource for workplace innovation including articles, case examples and films
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Latest Articles

Lortek @gite: Innovation in the workplace

July 6th, 2021|

In addition to adequate remuneration, people also look for their contribution to the company, opportunities to demonstrate their capabilities, grow professionally and see their efforts recognised.

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European Workplace Innovation Network (EUWIN)

EUWIN was established by the European Commission in 2013 and is now entirely supported by contributions from an international network of partners co-ordinated by HIVA (University of Leuven). EUWIN also functions as a network partner for the H2020 Beyond4.0 project.

Contact: Workplace Innovation Europe CLG (contact@workplaceinnovation.eu).

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