Workplace Innovation for Policymakers

Governments and business support organisations in several European countries workplace innovation as a powerful resource in addressing diverse yet interconnected policy goals. If workplace innovation produces tangible economic and employee benefits at enterprise level, it also has wider impacts on the economy and labour market including employee health and the retention of older workers in employment.

Workplace innovation is now embedded in national and regional programmes from the Basque County to Finland. It is recognised within the OECD’s Innovation Strategy and now occupies an important place in EU innovation and competitiveness policy.

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What is Workplace Innovation?
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European Workplace Innovation Network (EUWIN)

EUWIN was established by the European Commission in 2013 and is now entirely supported by contributions from an international network of partners co-ordinated by HIVA (University of Leuven). EUWIN also functions as a network partner to BEYOND4.0 and BRIDGES5.0 projects.

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