The Finnish Liideri Programme (2012–2018)

Findings from the evaluation report

Business Finland recently published an evaluation of four of its programmes (downloadable here) focused on “promoting hu­man-centric businesses and intangible value creation”. Of these, Liideri was the most directly related to workplace innovation, and is discussed on pages 37 – 51. We hope to publish further discussion of this important programme in a future Bulletin.

Liideri was designed during 2011–2012, part of the long continuation of workplace development programmes (TYKE 1996–2003) and Tykes (2004–2010) in Finland. It was, at the time, based on the strategy of Te­kes, Finnish National Innovation Strategy (2008), and wide stakeholder consultation under the programme prepa­ration.

Key themes for the programme included employee par­ticipatory innovation, in which the active and systematic participation of employees in service design, renewal, and idea generation produces new solutions and new value for customers. Included important theme was research and development of new work and new work methods, such as shared leadership, individual solu­tions, networked and fragmented work, and innovative utilisation of ICT as part of the work. The important in­sight regarding research and development was that it re­quires the renewal of management principles which then has to be reflected in the management processes and principles in terms of the organisation of the work as well as the supporting structures of the work.

During the programme implementation, the Ministry of Employment and Economic Affairs upheld the national strategy of Working Life 2020. The management group from this project worked as an “expert group” for the programme. include Liideri programme also had a role as an expert in its implementation. Many interviews point out that Liideri was an important factor in implementing this national strategy and it was one of the “most visi­ble” activities for the strategy.

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