German Future of Work goes International

Claudio Zettel
DLR Project Management Agency, German Federal Ministry of Education & Research (BMBF)

The way we work has changed continuously over the ages – but maybe nowadays we are living through one of the deepest changes ever. Technological developments, and especially digital technologies, provide unprecedented support at work, greater flexibility and more connectivity. Societal changes influence our work and behaviour: we live longer and are an active part of labour markets for longer; we have new labour biographies and higher expectations than the generations before us.

How do we deal with these changes? How can we shape our future working environments today? And how can science and research contribute to finding good solutions?

German research groups and practitioners are willing to share their research findings and experience on labour and workplace innovation on the international floor. They are also keen to collect further inspiring ideas and share visions on this topic. To facilitate the vivid international exchange of scientific ideas and opportunities, the DLR Project Management Agency supports a current campaign of Germany´s Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) on “The Future of Work”. The campaign is embedded in the Research in Germany initiative that attempts to present the best and latest of Germany´s research hubs. And it offers valuable opportunities to the international community.

The campaign showcases 10 top research networks and their innovative projects looking into the future of work. In 2020, they will be touring the world to forge international bonds with strong partners and promote new research cooperation around the globe. France, Japan and the USA are official partner countries of the campaign. They are inviting researchers, innovators, decision makers, municipal authorities and representatives from the private sector to share and reflect their ideas and innovative technologies, focusing on four priority topics pivotal to the future of work.

The Research in Germany initiative has existed since 2016. Each campaign within this initiative is dedicated to a specific research topic and consists of an 18-months project. All topics address pressing future challenges and involve selected partner countries with high innovation potential. The initiative has proven to be outstandingly successful in priming relevant international research cooperation by building personal relationships with researchers, scientists, innovators and decision makers throughout the world.

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Contact: Dr. Claudio Zettel, DLR-PT, Work and Innovation, German Aerospace Centre – Project Management Agency (DLR-PT).

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