Call for a special EJWI issue on

Green Skills, Workplace
Innovations and Just Transition

Climate change, digitalisation, shifting demographics and public health imperatives create new conditions and demands for skill development, workplace innovation, organisational development and occupational health and safety. The role of AI, algorithms, robots and cobots and new logistic tools in the value chain, will redefine the interface between humans and machines, with new opportunities for advanced decision-making as well as unforeseen impact on job quality. SDG 8 on decent work and economic growth must be seen in a broader context of social, economic, and technological transformation. Green transformation of society and industry must encompass a significant role for democracy and civic participation.

More specifically, green transformation actualizes four perspectives of relevance for employment, work and job quality: the implementation of non-carbon energy systems and non-fossil approaches; the importance of green growth and its impact on productivity, organisations, and employment levels; the circular economy, recycling policies, practices, and processes; and the socio-ecological transition with interdependencies, eventual contradicting demands, changing values and lifestyles, mobility, transport systems, gender equity and a fair transition.

Call for a special EJWI issue on Green Skills, Workplace Innovations and Just Transition

Kenneth Abrahamsson, Denis Coelho, Steven Dhondt, Ulrika Harlin, Chris Mathieu and Richard Ennals.


The vision and mission of this call is to link sustainable work with green jobs by looking at green skills, workplace innovations and just transition as part of the green economy and climate-neutral policies. This effort comprises a further step from the book Sustainable Work in Europe. Concepts, conditions, challenges, eds. Kenneth Abrahamsson & Richard Ennals, Peter Lang 2022. Our focus is also reflected in the video clip below.

Abstracts to be submitted to by 31st of January, 2024.


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