Your change journey

We are there every step of the way, helping you to achieve meaningful, lasting improvements across your whole business. We’ll help you to diagnose the challenges and guide you to make real and sustainable gains.

There is no one way to take this journey, but here is our recommended path to achieving huge improvements in workplace engagement, wellbeing and productivity.


Learn about how your organisation functions, get input from your whole team, and create a plan for change.

The Workplace Innovation Diagnostic ®

Our in-depth employee survey will give you insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation, and how you can use your team’s skills and knowledge to take action to improve your workplace. Try our FREE taster!

  • Clearly visualised results
  • Actionable takeaway
  • Expert support at every step
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Group recall workshops

This method allows your team to express their feelings and opinions in a safe, constructive space. Our experienced facilitators encourage employees to tell it like it is and unleash their ideas for innovation and improvement.

  • Gather valuable insights

  • Analyse the causes and meanings of day-to-day issues

  • Create a clear agenda for change

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Bespoke workshops and time-out sessions

Dive deeper to gather even more data and tools for your journey. Our workplace innovation experts will curate valuable content and interactive experiences for your whole team to get involved in.

  • Interactive workshops and presentations
  • Expert-facilitated meetings and conferences
  • Access to exciting keynote speakers from a range of different industries
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Elevate team members into change leadership roles, and engage with the workplace innovation community to learn and exchange ideas.

Supporting change leaders

Change is driven by effective leadership. Our four leadership programmes will empower your team to take the initiative and develop their own innovative solutions to the challenges in your organisation.

  • ILM accredited programmes with recognised qualifications

  • CPD accredited short courses
  • Gain knowledge, skills and confidence with hands-on, interactive learning
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Join the community

Peer-to-peer exchanges of knowledge, experience and ideas are one of the most powerful forces for workplace innovation and improvement. That’s why we’ve created Fresh Thinking Labs – an online and in-person platform that enables you to access the wisdom, expertise and insights of change leaders from across Europe.

You can also access our free Knowledge Bank and Community, a curated collection of films, case studies, practical resources and events managed by us and our international partners.

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Make Change Happen

Gain the skills to take the action that will actually improve your organisation and deliver real results over the long-term.

Facilitating, mentoring and coaching

We enable and facilitate Engagement Events, Innovation Spaces, FabLabs, Continuous Improvement Groups and Employee Forums to create new, open dialogue across all levels of your organisation, from the Board to the frontline.

  • Enhance communication
  • Build trust and confidence
  • Create agile and effective teams
  • Align systems and procedures
  • Encourage continual improvement (CPD)
  • Engage employees in innovation
  • Strengthen employee voices
  • Develop leadership at all levels

Not sure what’s best for you?

Try a discovery day to get a flavour of how workplace innovation can improve your organisation.

Our highly interactive full or half-day workshops show how you can use the knowledge, skills and experience of employees at every level to enhance performance and create a great place to work.

The workshop is based on a fast-moving, customised combination of short presentations and films combined with group exercises, open dialogue and diagnostic opportunities.

Book a free no obligation 30 minute consultation call with one of our experts to explore how Workplace Innovation can support you.

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